Cloud What?

Cloud Corinne. You know Cloud Nine, named after the highest level of cloud on which one feels pure harmonious joy? Yeah. See what I did there. It’s mostly joyous because I get to write about things that are extremely important, and you get to read it. You’re welcome.

Wait, who?

Corinne owns Cloud Corinne; original I know, I also used to call my teddy bears ‘Teddy’.  I’m twenty-three, graduated last year and now attempting a grown-up life in Bristol. That’s in England (I’m optimistic enough to think a non-British person might read this), and I’m actually Cornish, but Cornwall ain’t exactly thrivin’ in the Winter months and I want a job that isn’t cleaning, clam-fishing or working in a carehome.

If you’d like to me to write some content for your blog or website, get in contact either via the Cloud Corinne Facebook page or my Twitter @cloudcorinne. In advance – hell yeah I will.

There isn’t a suitable photo of me for this page yet, so for now here’s me dressed as a Gran for your info and enjoyment.

Again, you’re welcome.


17 responses to “Cloud What?

  1. Good stuff, I have enjoyed reading.

  2. Not many Grans look that good!!!

  3. Whack a kite mark on that.

  4. I like your funny thoughts and cute design. 🙂 Thanks for the follow!

  5. Hello. I’ve nominated you for the Reader Appreciation Award. It’s always nice to tell people you appreciate them.

  6. I came across your blog today and it really made me laugh. Several times. Just wanted to say I think you’re hilarious 🙂

  7. You are blimmin’ amazing you are!

  8. I stumbled across your blog today and thought I would drop you a line to say I enjoyed what I read.

    I also liked the fact that you once called your teddy bears “Teddy”. It reminded me of a story. My brother & I always wanted a pet. Aged 6 & 8 respectively my mum caved in and brought us a rabbit. We named it “Rabbit”.

    • Thank you for stumbling and enjoying! And I just had a little nosy around your blog too, but I’m really confused. Are you living in Portsmouth UK, or some American copycat equivalent? I like your writing, it seems very dry and English… tell me I’m right?

    • ps. Rabbit is the perfect name, worked for Winnie the Pooh

      • Ha. Good point. I’d like to say it was a tribute to the character but, alas, we were just lazy and unimaginative.

        And you are very much correct. I am UK through and through.

        Glad you like the blog.

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